Dante Varona: Remembering The Life Of The ‘King Of Stunts’


A way to remember Dante Varona, dubbed as the ‘King of Stunts’

King of Stunts Dante Varona is one of the popular action movie stars during 70s up to the 80s and this is a look back to what he contributed in the showbiz industry.

During that era, action movies were reigning in cinemas. That was also the time that actions stars rose to popularity such as Fernando Poe, Jr., Joseph Estrada, Jun Aristorenas, Ramon Revilla, Bernard Bonnin, Jess Lapid, Jr., Rhene Imperial, Tony Ferrer, Ramon Zamora, Rey Malonzo, Baldo Marro, Anthony Alonzo, Lito Lapid, Rudy Fernandez, Bembol Roco, Efren Reyes, Jr. and Ace Vergel.

dante varona
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One of them is Dante who started his career in showbiz through the movie Mangificent Siete Bandidas in 1968. Based on the article from spot.ph, he can be considered as the epitome of a real action star. Among his physical features fit to this genre of movie are his brown skin, muscle-bound body, and facial hair.

Probably, the prominent highlight in his showbiz career was when he jumped off the San Juanico bridge for the movie Hari ng Stunt directed by Carlo J. Caparas in 1981. It was said that it was a make-or-break step for his struggling career. Because of that, he earned the moniker “King of Stunts”.

dante varona tanya varona
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After that death-defying stunt, is supposed to save the career of Dante Varona. However, according to the article, apparently that did not work. On the other hand, the former action star also directed some of his films following that stunt such as Raging Anger (1984), Bangkay Mo Akong Hahakbangin (1986), and Ratratan (1999).

His daughter, Tanya Varona joined the Metropop Songfest but unfortunately she did not win. In 2001, the female singer tried to establish her singing career through a musical concert, according to the article from Pilipino Star Ngayon.

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