DRINKING COLD WATER – Lists of Pros & Cons of Drinking Cold Water


Guide on the Pros and Cons of Drinking Cold Water

DRINKING COLD WATER – Here are the lists of the pros and cons in taking a cold water over a lukewarm water.

One of the beverages that we partake daily as it is greatly needed by the body is water. In fact, every person is recommended to drink at least eight(8) glasses of water every day. It is associated with a lot of health benefits like the prevention of dehydration.

When it comes to drinking water, some people prefer a glass of lukewarm water while most want the cold ones. Many individuals find that the latter satisfies their thirst more. However, it is one of the rampant discussions on whether it is a good habit or not.

Cold Water
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Based on an article on Healthline, drinking cold water actually has both – the pros and cons. Here are the lists of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Taking in cold water is good for the digestion compared to sugary beverages based on the article. Regardless of its temperature, water remains to be one of the top drinks for workout.
  • Also, a cup of cold water helps maintain a healthy weight by burning the extra calories in the body. It is done as the body is prompted to work harder to keep its core temperature.


  • Based on the article, studies show that taking in cold water can result to thicker mucous that is why it is not recommended for people who are suffering from colds or flu.
  • Also, studies show that taking in cold water can trigger migraine in people who have previously experienced the said health condition.
  • Drinking cold water while eating a meal can also worsen the pain brought by achalasia, a health condition wherein there is a limit on the ability of the body to let the food pass through the esophagus.

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