MOMO Challenge: Ethel Booba Has Funny Reaction, Netizens React

Here’s the funny reaction of Ethel Booba to the viral Momo Challenge

Singer-comedienne Ethel Booba has a funny reaction to the viral Momo Challenge on social media and netizens also reacted.

These past few weeks, “Momo” has been haunting the social media. According to reports, it is a sort of video or application that pops up on YouTube kids’ videos.

Momo Challenge

Once it is clicked the fictional scary character would give the player tasks, from simple things until it is getting difficult. However, reports also stated that this game eventually tells the kids to commit suicide.

Netizens, especially moms, expressed worry that their children will be victims too. On the other hand, some netizens had funny reactions about this and one of them is Ethel Booba.

Regarding the Momo Challenge, the comedienne shared her thoughts on her Twitter post.

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ethel booba
Photo source: Bandera

“Hindi mauutusan ng Momo na yan ang mga pamangkin ko. Ang tatamad eh. Charot!” she wrote.

Netizens who commented on the Twitter post of Ethel also shared some of their stories regarding the tasks that Momo gave.

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Here are some of the comments from netizens:

“Hindi rin nyan mauutusan pamangkin ko. Ndi kasi sila nakakaintindi ng english eh” – Twitter user @Rajhi_Maryjan

“Buti na lang batang lansangan mga pinsan ko. Kung pacool kids yun.nakuh!” – Twitter user @LostMD1

“Pinapanood ko sa pamangkin at bunso ko yan. Hahaha… Wala lang. Nosebleed eh. English ba naman ung utos eh. Neknek mo, momo!” – Twitter user @Maybell37903832

“Si momo yung magpapakamatay sa dami ng utos ng pamangkin ko.” – Twitter user @xrd_lion

At the time of writing, the said post of Ethel Booba about the Momo Challenge already has 10 thousand likes and over a thousand retweets.

What can you say about this?

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